Blackjack Tips

BlackJack Tips


  1. Single or double deck blackjack tables have smallest edge for the house.


  1. You can’t count cards at online games, as the deck is digitally shuffled after every hand. It is also forbidden to count at live dealer blackjack tables. If they catch you doing it they will most probably close your account.


  1. You can however keep a chart for basic strategy next to you. You can easily find one with a simple search of “basic blackjack strategy”.


  1. When you are playing at a single player table, you can take as much time as you want for your decisions in order to make the best decision every time.


  1. Play Blackjack at tables who pay 3:2 on natural blackjacks. Avoid the ones who pay 6:5. The difference doesn’t seem much, but can add up overtime.


  1. Never pay for “insurance” when the dealer has an Ace. If you do pay the insurance the casino’s edge against you increases.


  1. Always splits Aces and 8s


  1. Don’t split 10s (incl. Js, Qs Ks). Stand on your 20 and you’ll be way better off in the long run


  1. Double down your 10s and 11s only if the dealer shows a 9 or lower.


  1. Double down your 9s only if the dealer shows 3, 4, 5, or 6. (NOT a 2)


  1. Double down A-2 through A-7 when the dealer shows 5 or 6.


  1. If the dealer shows a 9 or 10, you should hit until you get at least 17.