Tips to win to Roulette

Tips to win at roulette


At roulette, you can go from the heart of heaven to the edge of hell and back in less than 5 minutes of game. Here is your basic guide to play and win at roulette games, with 10 key tips.


  1. Concentration is key, not just for taking the best decisions, but also to maximize the entertainment value, which means you will have a much better time while playing. If you start playing right after a fight with your spouse, you will be angry, impatient and very easily irritated. That is not the situation you want to find yourself in when playing for money. When you are playing roulette or any other casino game, you need to be relaxed and concentrated at the task in hand.


  1. Know when to quit. At the start of your session, you need to accept the possibility of losing. So you need to set an amount with which you will play, and stop if you lose it. A good rule of thumb is to quit if one of the following happens:
  2. You lose your set amount
  3. You win your set amount
  4. You reached the maximum time you want to spend on the game

So you need to set these values before you start playing. For example, if you have $100 in your account, you can set your max loss to $20, your max win to $30 and the time limit to 1 hour. Place bets of $1 maximum and see how it goes. Tweak those limits according to your personal preferences and your winning streaks.


  1. Never play as “scared money”, which means, never play with money you can’t afford to lose. Never use money needed for your everyday life and family obligations. Be comfortable with your money before starting to play, so you can enjoy your games and set yourself at the best position to win.


  1. Start your game cautiously, by placing your bets at the simplest bets, like red/black, odd/even, columns, dozens etc. This way you minimize variance, so you increase the probability of staying in the game longer. It is the way most seasoned gamblers use in order to determine how lucky they are at any particular day. If it goes well at the start, you can gradually start playing a bit more aggressively.


  1. Don’t bet like a maniac. If you play long enough, at some point you might lose your temper and start clicking your mouse like a maniac, leaving a chip at every random point on the board. If you find yourself doing this, then … STOP! Click “Undo”, clear the board, clear your mind and if you feel you can return to the table in a calm and concentrated way, then continue. If you feel stressed, finish your session and live to… play another day.


  1. Play with a clear mind. Avoid anything that would blur your judgement, like excessive consuming of alcohol or other substances. At the tables, your mind is your weapon, so if you restrict your mind’s abilities, your results cannot be as good as possible.


  1. In roulette, things change fast. Bet big when you are on a hot streak and go the other way when you feel that your luck gods aren’t in a good mood.


  1. “It’s 7 reds in a row! I’m gonna bet big on black because it’s due!”. Wrong! Avoid these situations. It’s better to avoid speculations about extreme situations and try playing when sequences are making more sense.


  1. Accept the result even if it’s not what you wanted. Don’t extend your session so you can win your money back.


  1. Never borrow money for gambling. I mean… NEVER! Don’t go down that rabbit hole.


Follow this advice and you can enjoy your wins to the maximum, while having fun even if you don’t have a lot of luck.